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We are Here to Support Your Business is here for you. As your digital  marketing  partner, we can help navigate the current impact to your dealership, and partner with you to ensure you’re optimizing your website and communications to keep your business moving forward during this time. Our A-team of  Performance  Managers and industry experts are ready  to  help you make confident decisions  to  keep your business moving forward,  now and in the future.  We are gathering all our knowledge, insights and best practices to share with you in the coming weeks.  Read on to learn more about our ongoing efforts and tools available to you now.

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Dealer Forward:

Marketing Edition: Shifting Consumer Preferences

This is Dealer Forward: Marketing Edition. Wayne Pastore, VP Ops of Dealer Marketing Solutions at Cox Automotive discusses tactical approaches to embrace shifting consumer preferences with Jeff Ramsey, eCommerce & Marketing Director at Jones Junction.


Digital Transformation:

Best Practices

to Implement Today

We are here to support you with recommendations on how to personalize your advertisingreach out to your customers, and syndicate your new sales process:


Leverage in-market shopper data.

Customers expect personalized and custom-tailored experiences today more than ever. And, the data proves that performance across digital properties improves when users are served content that mirrors their expectations.

Segment your audiences.

Understand your website activity and serve your prospective customers with relevant content. Actively browsing inventory, looking at service scheduling options, and engaging with car buying tools are all indicators of different stages of the buying or ownership lifecycle.

Promote your inventory.

Match your inventory to your audience segments directly in your creative. Dynamic inventory ads across display and Facebook are available today.

Focus your advertising.

Spend on inventory that needs the most attention. Facebook advertising, combined with vehicle scoring algorithms, is a great way to accomplish this. 

Work deals remotely.

Utilize Accelerate My Deal or other website tools to bring the deal to your customer. Customers can view bank-supplied payments, evaluate trades, and apply for credit without coming into the dealership. Don’t forget to adapt dealership protocol to include guidelines for Accelerate My Deal inquiries, and to create a single point of contact to answer employee questions around this change. 

Offer vehicle delivery and pickup.

Customers are going to be hesitant to leave their homes. Bring the car to them. Allow them to purchase a vehicle outside of the dealership by bringing the paperwork to them where possible. Offer vehicle pickup for service, lease returns, etc.​ Consider waiving local delivery fees. 

Offer video conferencing.

Millions of people are comfortable with Facetime, Skype, or other tools. Show a live video of your vehicles and allow your salespeople to use these tools if working from home. ​ 

Email customers in your CRM.

Let them know about your new sales process and what you are doing to support remote shopping. Flexibility, transparency, and proactive communication are now more critical than ever.

Build an additional webpage.

Highlight your dealership’s commitment to providing quality service and remind customers that you are open for business. ​ has built an example Response Page and Informational Response Banner for all clients that can be customized to your dealership’s messaging. The page is available in your current sitemap. If you need help deploying these tools, contact your Performance Manager for assistance. 

Leverage Google My Business.

Keep business information up-to-date with any changes. If you are open, make sure everyone knows. ​ This includes sharing of your dealership, using Google Posts and blogs as the situation develops, and updating Paid Search ad copy and display creative. Advertise using video and capture demand of shoppers who are browsing Facebook, YouTube, and other video channels. 

Prepare for a grand reopening.

Develop consistent messages across all channels - From the web, social, advertising, and everything in-between. 

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