GA4 Coming Soon: Everything You Need to Know

Last year, Google announced that Universal Analytics will be replaced by GA4. While this may have caused some uncertainty about the future of your data and reporting, Cox Automotive has you covered with a robust GA4 implementation that aligns with the Automotive Standards Council (ASC) framework.   Wondering what to expect from GA4? Here is everything you need to know: will have the best possible GA4 integration, combining both the ASC and unique tracking specific to the platform. Coming soon, we will offer three approaches to maximize the benefits of GA4:  

  • Foundational: Automotive Standards Council (ASC)GA4 integration via Composer Website Tools. Captures basic website metrics and will include custom events uniquely tailored to the GA4 data model. 
  • Self-serve: Pre-configured, importable GA4 GTM container. Includes all custom events planned for the foundational implementation. Deploy as is, or further customize to meet unique tracking needs.  
  • Website Tagging Services: Leverage in-house experts with years of experience working on the platform and a wide range of Tag Management Solutions. Align custom tagging strategy with measurement goals to meet your unique reporting needs.