’s New LeadMachine™ Increases Sales Conversion and Automotive Dealership Efficiency

January 24, 2009 (Burlington,VT) –, the leading provider of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced the release of the latest version of its LeadMachine™ that transforms the lead management tool into a complete Internet sales system. This next generation Internet Lead Management (ILM) system now offers comprehensive dealership lead management, in a single online location, with a new interface that is faster and easier than ever to use. LeadMachine™ lets dealers capture, track, organize and follow-up on leads to ensure the highest sales conversion while also improving dealership personnel efficiency.

Trigger-based sales rules are a fundamental part of the new LeadMachine™ enhancements. This means that lead follow-up activities are scheduled based on the specific actions each prospect takes. Each lead is automatically given a unique path through the sales cycle, based on the shopper’s actions and responses to communication. Further, the dealership can monitor lead response times and respond to customers faster with web-based email and customer centric auto-responders.

Lead distribution policies can be defined, in addition to unique sales processes that include scheduled tasks, appointment scheduling and automated follow-up emails for every profit center at the dealership. Click stream tracking on all form submissions is also now available.

Key benefits of the LeadMachine™ upgrades include:

Lead Tracking-Automatically tracks and organizes leads from the dealership’s websites,,, Autobytel, regional websites or any third-party provider. Plus, full systems integration for both inbound and outbound leads.

Email Tracking-Allows fast response with web-based email and email bouncing and creates customized template blasts using upgraded PowerMail™ Broadcast Email System.

Activity Tracking-Automatically tracks all activities for each contact, including email, third-party leads, phone calls and trade-in leads.

Salesperson Tracking-All activities are stored and time/date stamped for management review. Success and closing rates measured with detailed sales reporting.

Intuitive User Interface-Easier and faster than ever to use, with no more pop-up windows.

Mobile Device Integration-Communication with customers via mobile devices automatically recorded and tracked, with no log into ControlCenter™ required.

Dealer Group Functionality-Allows dealer groups to track each store’s sales process and create real accountability.

“Usability was a main focus of the new LeadMachine™ enhancements; the new interface is really fast and easy to use,” commented Dean Evans, chief marketing officer with “Also, we kept the scope of the development firmly concentrated on creating the best dealership ILM, with none of the feature creep that can distract product development. LeadMachine™ is not a ‘jack of all trades;’ it excels at doing its well-defined, invaluable job– managing leads to increase sales throughout the dealership.”