AWA 2023 Award Winner: Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet on Websites

Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet on websites received the Enterprise Retailing award during the 2023 AWA Awards. Presented by Brian Pasch Enterprises, the AWAs have been a benchmark in the auto industry for recognizing innovative products in technology, design, search marketing, social media, and digital retailing. 

Pictured L-R: Mike Wulfe, Katie Wilkins, and Paul Paridy.


Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet is an intuitive tool designed to improve the shopping to buying journey and drive more quality connections between buyers and sellers. 

Debuted at the NADA Show 2023, Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet automatically integrates into dealer websites who have Accelerate My Deal. This means dealers will have access to everything from down payment, trade-in, and financing information – the data needed to speed up the deal-making process and get more accurate leads. 

When My Wallet meets websites, consumers will have the most comprehensive and consistent power of Digital Retailing at their fingertips.  

How Does Kelley Blue Book My Wallet Work? 

If a shopper engages with Kelley Blue Book My Wallet on Autotrader, they’ll be prompted to enter a desired monthly payment, trade-in, down payment, credit range and term length. This gives consumers more accurate “all-in” pricing.  

From there, their entire search will be customized. Consumers gain budget guidance to help them better understand purchase power and can shop by payment which opens a whole new world of possibility. Dealers Get insights into the consumers financial profile on more leads to provide a personalized sales process with less friction. 

Kelley Blue Book My Wallet + Accelerate My Deal 

80% of consumers think it is a good or great idea to buy entirely online. And with Accelerate My Deal, consumers can complete even more steps online, speeding up the deal for everyone.* 

When shoppers enter their information into Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet it’s automatically transferred into the Accelerate My Deal experience.  Accelerate My Deal leads on average close at a 48% higher close rate compared to other internet leads helping dealers get more highly qualified leads and boost their profits.** My Wallet gives shoppers a personalized shopping journey and Accelerate My Deal moves the shopper from journey to purchase. 

Want to transform digital retailing with a truly connected, end-to-end experience for consumers? Click here to learn more about My Wallet today.  

*2022 Car Buying Journey Study 

** Cox Automotive Product Analytics. Accelerate My Deal Lead to Close Analysis using VinSolutions sales data. Data from Jan 2020-Nov 2020. Analysis performed January 2021 

Summary: Kelley Blue Book® My Wallet, a personalized shopper tool on Autotrader US and Kelley Blue Book, will now be automatically integrated into all dealer websites. Learn more about this exclusive lead-driving tool.